New books from the GA coming later in the year...

The new GA Magazine features news of two books which are coming from the GA later in the year.

The first involves me.
I've written a book with the prolific and much-used author John Widdowson on Fieldwork through Enquiry.
We've explored 10 contexts for fieldwork: 5 for Urban, and 5 for Rural.
There are ideas for apps, and plenty of customisable sheets, use of Google Drive etc.

The design is looking great, thanks to Bryan Ledgard as always.

The second book that is mentioned is an updated version of the influential book by Margaret Roberts: 'Learning through Enquiry'.

I spent yesterday afternoon at a seminar at the Institute of Education in London where Margaret was speaking. I'll be blogging my thoughts in the near future...

I'm really looking forward to seeing and using this book...