Walk to School Week - Digimap for Schools idea...

It's Walk to School week. My kids always walk to school because we're fortunate enough to live very close to their schools.
Some people drive their children to school even though they live a short distance away. They may have very good reasons for doing that of course.... or they may not...
Fewer children are walking to school than used to, for a number of reasons. And some of them aren't pleased when they are challenged.
I used to walk to school, back in the day. Here's a map of my route to school, back in the 1970s and 80s...
Purple goes to my Primary
Red goes to my Secondary

Paula Owens has made a resource to investigate the route to school for Digimap for Schools.
Click here to download as a PDF
It's part of a suite of resources.
Paula created the Primary resources and I wrote the Secondary ones.

Map made with Digimap for Schools service
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