ArcGIS Online - a useful guide...

On Thursday last week, I was down in London working with a splendid group of colleagues on a GA course on Google Earth and other free 'GIS' options. I started by explaining the difference between visualisation tools like Google Earth and the additional features that a GIS has: querying, data analysis, attribute tables and editing and so on...

Google Earth

For Google Earth there are various extra things which I didn't have time to tell everyone about - even a whole day is not enough to cover all the things in Google Earth...

This set of 10 tips from Mashable is really useful.
Also check out GEarthBlog's ideas for how to access the TOOLS window to change settings so that Google Earth is optimised for you.

Digimap for Schools
I also introduced delegates to Digimap for Schools, and the free resources that are available, as well as the WMS service offered by Edina MapStream, for which I also wrote the resources.
A webinar was recently held by EDINA to introduce people to the tool, and a useful Q & A page is here.

ArcGIS Online
A useful guide has been created by ESRI and is available to download from the link (PDF download)

Also check out the useful help feature on the ESRI website.

I showed the ESRI COLLECTOR app to a few delegates too, which can be used in the field to collect data.