Dylan Wiliam resource - ready for the future ?

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Click the cover here to go to an article on the role of formative assessment.
It's one of a range of articles that I shall post here in advance of two courses that I am running in July. They are intended to provide additional background reading for delegates who are particularly keen.

There are a large number of delegates on both of the courses, and I'm hoping that the delegates are up for sharing and discussion on many of the topics that we are going to discuss.
The theme is on FUTURES in Geography - which is a difficult thing to identify... as things keep changing by the day...

What will the future geography curriculum be like ? 
How will it be assessed ? 
How will we mark work ? 
What will future geography teachers need to know when they are training ? 
What will future geography fieldwork be like ?

I also liked this Alex Quigley piece, directed to me by Noel Jenkins which explores the ideas of marking.
Also some of Zoe Elder's recent posts on FULL ON LEARNING - I have a copy of her book.

We'll still have marking in the future... or should we turn it into a feedback policy ?
What will students be creating ?
We'll still be studying countries outside the UK

Do we need to change schools ? Or change learning ?

What will geography departments look like in five or ten years time... or will we recognise them quite easily...
Will there be corporate logos relating to the companies who are providing most of the services in education ?

Read this piece by Sugata Mitra

What are your thoughts on the future of secondary geography ?
Are you optimistic ? concerned ? happy ? enthusiastic ?
What are the areas where your concerns lie ?
What are you looking forward to ?
Please share them here, e-mail or DM me, or on Twitter with the hashtag #geogfuture