Exemplification of Standards in Geography

Assessing Pupil Progress in Geography was a project which started with subjects like English, but despite the months that were spent creating the materials
Exemplifying Pupil Progress was the project which eventually made it as far as the internet.

A series of statements and portfolios of work with examples of student work and teacher commentary on why they were at a particular level.

They were then removed from the web, but are still available on TEACHFIND. (Also home for Teachers TV videos for example)

Level 3 statements

Level 4 statements

Level 5 statements

Level 6 statements

Level 7 statements

Level 8 statements

This is part of the resources that I shall be sharing on the 'Future of Secondary Geography' course that I will be leading in July.
It will be part of a discussion on Future assessments...
Thanks also to David Drake for blogging his ideas on the change in levels...

See previous post on geographical futures - please share your ideas, thoughts and concerns about the future of secondary geography...