Follow the Ball....

I'm currently involved in preparing a range of new materials for the Follow the Things website.

We've got some excellent new materials which are in preparation, and I'm also going down to the University of Exeter before the summer break to work on some other ideas and bring them to conclusion. There are inputs from other colleagues who have used the website too, such as the University of Nottingham PGCE group.

A new CLASSROOM area for the website is planned for launch over the summer, ready for the Autumn term.

I'm also writing some Follow the Things Shorts: shorter investigations for students to follow up and develop.
One of them is based on a blog being written by Will Kellegher: a student at the University of Exeter.

He's researching the story behind his Gilbert Rugby Ball...

Could your students follow the story of one of the objects they use, or wear, or eat in an average day ?

Also, login to the MISSION:EXPLORE website and check out the FOLLOW THE THINGS missions under the CHALLENGERS tab.
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