Huddersfield on 'Town' tonight...

I lived in Huddersfield from 1982-1985 when I was doing my geography degree.
I lived up the hill in Newsome, and then at the Halls of Residence in Ashenhurst.
I also spent a lot of time at the bottom of the hill with a group of friends, in a row of houses on Bent St.
It was a great course, and I had some memorable moments in my three years there, as well my fair share of snow during the winters. My degree involved a lot of time spent outside - working in rivers, reservoirs, and on landslides. I've been back a few times since: for concerts at the stadium, and also to visit the local GA branch - even had time for a pint in the old student's union, which had changed utterly. The University (as it is now) no longer has a Geography department, which is sad.

Huddersfield is featured on Nicholas Crane's 'Town' series tonight.
I'm looking forward to watching it.

Excellent programme, which painted a really positive picture of the town. Plenty of familiar places being explored, and the swooping aerial shots passed over where I lived several times. There was also the Standedge tunnel near Marsden. Good to see the University featuring - the buildings down by the canal, and memories of getting my own degree in the Town Hall...
Thought Simon Armitage may have featured in some way.

Image: Alan Parkinson