New Cloud Spotter App

I'm a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society (No. 719)
A new app has been launched called the CloudSpotter.

Here's the introductory video for the app, which costs £1.99

The World of Clouds – Intro for CloudSpotter app from CloudSpotter on Vimeo.

icon The 'Cloud Library' features 40 unique cloud formations and optical effects, from the common rainbow to the rare and beautiful asperatus cloud, all illustrated with stunning photographs, many from CAS members around the world.
icon CloudSpotter helps you identify and photograph the clouds and light effects you spot in the sky, and our special team of cloud experts will confirm whether you have got them right – yes, there are real people at the other end verifying your cloudspotting.
icon If you are not sure of the cloud or optical effect you're spotting, answer a few questions in the 'Cloud Identifier' and the app will tell you the most likely one.
icon You collect CloudSpotter stars for each type you correctly spot – the rarer the cloud, the more you earn. Achievement badges are also awarded when you complete certain cloudspotting challenges. Compare your progress with others on the Rankings page.
icon Learn from others as you browse the 'CloudStream', a live feed of verified CloudSpotter photographs coming in from around the world.
icon As you use CloudSpotter, you'll be helping scientists better understand the complex and crucial role clouds play in regulating global temperatures. The anonymous data of the observations gathered by the app will be used by NASA to refine their satellite cloud observations, improving scientists' ability to better model our changing climate.