No more holding the line...

I recently went to use a resource I'd written a while back and realised that it was out of date. It referred to the policy of 'setaside' which used to be part of the Common Agricultural Policy: farmers were paid to 'set aside' an area of their land and not grow crops. This policy has been removed as part of reforms to the policy. Other subsidies still exist, but not this particular one.

Another change in policy is taking place in the area of coastal management.
Except for small areas and in extreme cases, one of the options for coastal management seems to be becoming less likely to be chosen, because of the expense of holding the line.
More schemes involve managed realignment (the word 'retreat' used to be used, but that sounded a bit like the engineers had been defeated)

This useful Essex based resource shows how farmers are helping themselves to explore alternative management practices.

A useful area for students to explore if they are carrying out coastal fieldwork...