Tornado resources

I blogged a few weeks ago about some of the resources that had been created after the disastrous Moore tornado.

I had this message earlier from a teacher at Lex Middle School.

We wanted to say thank you for your page, , all the way from Nebraska! In light of all the tragic tornadoes that ripped through Tornado Alley this past month, our school is doing a weather safety seminar for the kids to help prepare them in the case of an emergency.  Your resources have been so helpful to the kids in aiding them through this learning process!

As a thank you for being such a big help, they wanted to 'pay it forward'  and share another resource with you!

"Tornado Preparedness"

They wanted to make a special request to add this to your page! I think it's a great idea since it's filled with a lot of valuable material.

Thank you again and please let me know if you include it...they would be delighted to see it up!

So here's the link to the resource, as I don't update GeographyPages any more, although it still gets 40000 or so visitors a month...