A couple of blogs to check out...

A few blogs that are worth a mention....

Mike Tidd of Gillingham School, has been updating his blog.
There's a new design, and it brings out some recent posts which are useful, such as one on KS3 Geography planning in the light of the new curriculum documents.

Also check out a new blog from Peter Knight of Keele University's blog: the BLANK ATLAS blog.
This MICRO GEOGRAPHY post, for example has a nice mention of our Mission:Explore project.

Why not consider starting a blog for professional reflection, or to support planning as a target for the new school year. You could spend some of the summer setting it up and populating it with some initial posts....

Thanks to Mike T for the reminder of another blog that would be useful to follow for NQT Geographers.
@AmberKatja has a blog GEOG ON THE SPOT which will hopefully follow her journey.