Fieldwork for Geography - 3 useful resources

A useful website which provides some videos to explain how to use particular fieldwork techniques

Produced by a series of students who were in the Swiss Alps.
They provide useful background information for colleagues who need to introduce unfamiliar fieldwork techniques.
From the website:

This project engaged undergraduate students in filming and editing a series of short videos on fieldwork techniques. The fieldwork techniques and filming were carried out on an expedition to the Swiss Alps and cover a wide variety of fieldwork in the Geography & Environmental Science discipline.
These step by step instructional videos are designed to encourage undergraduate students to carry out their own individual fieldwork.

Check the VIDEO LIST.

Don't forget a new book that is coming soon from John Widdowson and myself.
It is called 'Fieldwork through Enquiry', and will be published by the GA.
I'll let you know all the details as they are released....
And finally...

Read the GA's letter that was sent earlier this week to Michael Gove on the issue of fieldwork.