Follow the Things work

I've spent several weeks now working on a set of resources for the Follow the Things website. I've been blogging the progress, and the website is going to be updated in the next few weeks with all the latest resources, a CLASSROOM PAGE, plus a special Teachers' guide which can be printed out as a booklet for students to use.
I travelled down to Exeter University last week in the heat to work for a few days on new resources and ideas, and plan out some future development for the site.
It's an exciting project to be involved in, as interest in the site is now coming from all quarters, and many parts of the world.

I'm going to be joining a group of NQT teacher bloggers through next year too.
Oprah Whipp has already posted the first of the resources, on her use of the Banksy couch gag in the Simpsons.
Follow our hashtag to find out more about the use of the website. Further work will continue through the summer and beyond...