Free QGIS course

QGIS or QuantumGIS is open source software.
I used it to create the teaching materials for EDINA's MapStream service.

As a GIS package, this is capable of carrying out most of the same tasks as a package like ArcGIS.

It is also capable of acting as the host programme to run a WMS (web mapping service)

A WMS which you may be interested in Edina's MapStream - I have blogged about it previously (and recently) because of my involvement in creating the teaching resources.

While blogging this I remembered, and hunted out a set of resources for use with QGIS, which I got in 2008ish.
They were produced by the British Antarctic Survey, and provided a range of activities for exploring the South Pole and surrounding areas. They came in a spiral bound folder complete with various paper maps of the continent. I shall see where I might be able to fit some of those into my teaching.

For anyone who really wants to get to grips with QGIS, there is also a third option now.

A new set of materials created by Ian Allen @LearnPracGIS can be accessed HERE.

You can sign up for a free course. A Quantum GIS for Newbies eCourse.

Follow the link on the right hand side of Ian's page.