Futures in Geography

I've been doing some planning over the last few weeks for events I'm running for OSIRIS Educational.
They are related to the idea of FUTURES and specifically the future of secondary geography.

There are a lot of delegates coming along, and the plan is to support them through thinking about what they are going to do in the short, medium and long term to consider the future(s) for secondary geography in their school contexts / departments. Subject leadership at this time is going to be important.

I was interested in a quote from Michael Gove in a session at the recent Educational Festival, as mentioned by Duncan King, who was in the audience....
I wonder how much of this is reflected in the curriculum. The most recent document was virtually the same as the previous draft, and there is likely to be little change when the actual documents is published in the autumn.

There are more blog posts to come on a range of feedback from the events once the first batch of them is over. I will add the dates of some reruns of the course that are taking place at the end of the year too...

For example, what's the future of marking ?
Here's a nice Twitter exchange from last week...

What's the future of assessment ?
Off to Birmingham shortly for the second event.
Here's some nice feedback after the first one: