I hear thunder.... hark don't you ?

Thunder and lightning is predicted for the next few days, as the heat and humidity that has built up over the last few weeks comes to a climax...
There are some thunderstorms developing already and it's possible that tonight will be dramatic...

It's worth following a few Twitter accounts which are related to weather and such issues...

@MetOffice - of course
@UKASF - UK Storm Forecasts
@CloudAppSoc - Cloud Appreciation Society

I'll be putting together some materials related to the summer heatwave ready for the new academic year. There are plenty of economic connections.

There are various weather apps which will also be useful for tracking the storms, and sites such as Rain Today.


Also the Met Office has a Lightning strikes map.
And a BBC VIDEO here

A few rumbles of thunder so far but nothing much besides...

Image: Alan Parkinson