Immerse yourself in GMail

I've been using GMail for 9.1 years. I was one of the first wave of adopters, and have always championed this web mail solution to collate a wide range of accounts, offer large amounts of free storage, and also connect with other Google Apps.

There is now a useful tool called IMMERSION from MIT, which will show all the connections that are created by the GMail networks that you have. There is a lot of information uncovered by the tool.
You will need to give it permission to access your mail, which can then be revoked once the visualisation has been created.

It will show you a graphic of your connections, which can be generated for a particular period of time, or for your whole time on GMail. It will show you connections between groups, and also colour codes particular mini-networks that it spots. It does this very well....
I ran it for my account, and it came up with this...

It shows that Dan Raven Ellison, my co-conspirator in Mission:Explore is the person I've e-mailed the most over the years... and by a long way...
Orange is GA connections, Blue is the Geography Collective, Brown is EuroGeo etc....

You can also see when you first started e-mailing someone, and various other data....

Description from the website...
It has been almost two decades since the beginning of the web. This means that the web is no longer just a technology of the present, but also, a record of our past.

Email, one of the original forms of social media, is even older than the web and contains a detailed description of our personal and professional history.
Immersion is an invitation to dive into the history of your email life in a platform that offers you the safety of knowing that you can always delete your data.
Just like a cubist painting, Immersion presents users with a number of different perspectives of their email data.
It provides a tool for self-reflection at a time where the zeitgeist is one of self-promotion.
It provides an artistic representation that exists only in the presence of the visitor.
It helps explore privacy by showing users data that they have already shared with others.
Finally, it presents users wanting to be more strategic with their professional interactions, with a map to plan more effectively who they connect with.
So Immersion is not about one thing. It’s about four. It’s about self-reflection, art, privacy and strategy. It’s about providing users with a number of different perspectives by leveraging on the fact that the web, and emails, are now an important part of our past.
Here are my collaborators over the last 9 years....
My time at the GA has left a legacy, plus work with VITAL and EuroGeo as well as Digimap for Schools and Discover the World.
No surprise to see Richard Allaway up there either, and for many years Val Vannet was my most e-mailed person apparently.

What do your e-mails reveal about you ?