New National Curriculum - the next stage...

"This is a curriculum to inspire a generation and it will educate the great British engineers scientists writers and thinkers of the future."
David Cameron

If it's going to do that, teachers will have to generate inspiration (an anagram of inspire a generation - with thanks to Val Vannet for spotting that and using it in a presentation last year)

Remember that the curriculum documents are disapplied for 2013-14, so there is 'time' for planning and working out approaches to the 'new' sections.
The documents can be downloaded from here.

I'll be reading through these documents, and the CLIMATE CHANGE addition is the only noticeable change, along with the use of the word hydrology...


physical geography relating to: geological timescales and plate tectonics; rocks, weathering and soils; weather and climate, including the change in climate from the Ice Age to the present; and glaciation, hydrology and coasts 


physical geography relating to: glaciation, plate tectonics, rocks, soils,weathering, geological timescales, weather and climate, rivers and coasts

Also great to see that the words places, SEAS AND OCEANS now appear in the Aims in the new version. 
And the knowledge has to be CONTEXTUAL...
Nice work to all involved in their lobbying for that to be added, including Jamie Buchanan Dunlop and colleagues. Remember all the OCEANS stuff that I've done over the last year or so...

The final, final documents will be out in the autumn, which gives under a year to prepare for first teaching in September 2014.