Onwards and upwards

At the end of the academic year, it's worth taking a few moments to look back.
I've had an 'interesting' year with quite a few ups and downs, which have (mostly) been shared here.

Several people who I've had the pleasure of working with over the last few years have been awarded with promotions, which range from Heads of Geography, to Assistant Heads, right up to Heads of the whole school....
Particular congratulations to Ollie Bray for his headship in an amazing part of the world.
There have been some very useful events this year too, many of which I've followed using the hashtag and later made contact with some of the people involved.

I've done a lot of travelling, and have worked with hundreds of geography educators.
I've written hundreds of thousands of words, and had quite a lot of them published, or turned into resources for a range of organisations and projects.

There have been a few projects that have 'stalled' a little and been more difficult to complete...
I've had a few rejections on various potentials plans and progress.
I'm working on a few final writing projects now to finish off the year, and just had a little extra cheeky project in via e-mail which will keep me busy for a few extra days...

I've got a few weeks over the summer when I'm hoping to do a little less, and have a 'holiday'... although geography never stops :)

...and then it's back into the classroom for most of the week from September.