Rivers - from the source

It's good to have a quest in mind for the summer holidays... something that you want to achieve.

I live in a village in Norfolk, which has a small river running through it. River is a grand term for what, at the point where it crosses the road close to my house, is a small chalk stream.

The River is called the Nar.

It's apparently known as 'God's Holy River', as it flows through various religious buildings..

The source of the river is apparently close to my village, and over the summer I'm going to find the source, and then follow the river for as long as possible to the point where it flows into the Great Ouse.

The other connections I have with the river are that when I was teaching hydrology, we used to take students to the river to carry out fieldwork, along with my former colleague Mr. Stone, and for over 10 years, the River ran past the back of the flat where I lived in King's Lynn, and I crossed it almost every day for another decade when travelling home from work....
The river is intertwined with my life, and I'm going to try to walk along it, and find myself in places I've never been to before, which are within five miles of where I live....

What are your plans for the summer ?