Flatford Mill FSC

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Off here shortly on a GCSE fieldtrip... just like old times.
Was reminded that when I was writing my KS3 Toolkit book on Landscapes, one of the activities is based on Constable's picture of the Haywain.
We wanted to have a picture of the original in the book, but the potential fee for including it was most of the budget for the whole book... so we included some kids' drawings of it instead, with thanks to Ian Gaunt from Tapton School.

Looking forward to the trip as it will be a good chance to try out some of the techniques that are in my most recent book with John Widdowson.

We're staying at the FSC centre, and doing one of the Controlled Assessment tasks for the OCR 'B' Geography specification. 
Hope the weather's like it is in the picture above...

More details and pictures will follow on my return over at my new Geography Teaching blog.  

In preparation for the trip, I had a minibus test today, which took in Grunty Fen, and various villages that were linked with Hereward the Wake... a drive through history.... and below sea level in places....