New features on Google Forms

Thanks to Theo Kuechel for the tipoff here...

4 new features added over the weekend... this makes Google Drive even more useful...

Via the Google Drive Blog
Extracts from the blog post reproduced below... read the full post (and others on the blog too)

Guide respondents through your survey with a progress bar 
Sometimes it’s helpful to give respondents a sense of how much of a survey still needs to be completed, and now you can by turning on a progress bar in your form.

Get results the way you want them with data validation
To get started, create a new Text question in Forms, then click on the Data validation tab. Click the checkbox and select “Text,” then “Email address,” and voila, the survey taker will see an error message if they don’t enter an email address.

Embed YouTube videos
You can now embed a YouTube video right inside a form -- perfect if you want to get feedback or ask questions about a video.   
This works really well for quizzes in class, especially if paired with data validation and the progress bar. Embed a video and then use data validation to give hints when students enter incorrect answers, and add a progress bar so they know how far along they are in the quiz. 

Add a custom message to closed forms 
Sometimes when a form is closed, you still want to make information available for respondents who weren’t able to complete it in time.

After you’ve switched your form to “Not accepting responses,” you can now add your own message and instructions for follow up.

Posted by Elynn Lee, Software Engineer