World turned upside down...

Over the last few years I've connected quite a bit with educators in Australia and New Zealand.

The last few weeks saw the Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria conference.
There's always a moment when you hear about Victorian geography teaching and have quite a different image, but there's plenty here that's bang up to date.
The conference was called 'Making a splash in Geography'.
Here's a few resources and ideas that I'll take away from this event that I never even got to.... (maybe next year...)

- A powerful resources on stories from Rwanda
- A resource on Water for Life (PDF download)

Also a few Twitter tags to follow including @srmdrummer

This was followed by the Geography Teaching Association of New South Wales event, which also had its own hashtag. These can be searched for a short time after the event, but one of the things about Twitter is the way these disappear over time, which is why some events capture them using STORIFY or other tools.

There's the GEOG SPACE website which has a range of materials for curriculum change - I've blogged about that before. We need something similar for England, and from recent tweets it seems that the Geographical Association is gearing up to offer a range of web support.

A new Govt has also been elected in Australia - hope they don't cancel the new curriculum after all the effort that's gone into it !