Collins Atlas - UN Globe - FREE download today only...

 One of the (many) things I did last year was travel down to the offices of Collins to see a preview of their marvellous ATLAS by COLLINS app, and give them some thoughts on how to support teachers in appreciating its value, and also making it available within schools.

TODAY ONLY you have a chance to get the UN Globe for free.
The app comes with one globe pre-installed and includes 10 other globes that can be downloaded (these will cost you money as an in-app purchase)

The free download is available to celebrate the launch of the World Heritage globe.
With the World Heritage globe:
§  Discover the locations of all 981 UNESCO World Heritage sites.
§  Learn about the criteria for inscription on the World Heritage List.
§  Read a detailed description of each site.
§  View over 650 stunning photographs.
§  Find out more with web links to further information and photographs.
Other globes provide information on the UNESCO Memory of the World programme, and themes such as development, the economy, physical maps, the environment, communications and more. Each globe allows you to see themed information presented in beautiful mapping and graphics.
The link below will  direct users to the local iTunes store in the countries where it is available.

You'll need an up to date iPhone / tablet and quite a lot of space...