SAGT 5 of 10: Joy Tivy Education Medal

After Iain Stewart's lecture, Mike Robinson of the RSGS came to the front. He had come to extend fraternal greetings from the Society but had also come to award a medal to somebody in the audience.

The Tivy medal is not awarded every year, and is awarded for outstanding contributions to Geography and education.
Previous winners that I could find were:

2008 - Jim Carson

2009 - Erica Caldwell

2010 - Anita Ganeri

2011 - Scottish Association of Geography Teachers

Val showed me the Tivy medal that the SAGT had been awarded in 2011, and this was a heavy bronze medal. Mike Robinson read out a citation describing the person judged to have been worthy of being presented with the medal this year, and it turns out it was me!
It was presented by Professor Iain Stewart, who is the President of the Society.

Along with the medal, there was a very nice certificate of honorary fellowship.

What was equally important to me was to read and hear the comments of others who were there, who appreciated the work that I've created, and shared over the years....


Anonymous said…
Very well deserved I was thrilled to be there to see you receive it !