Wednesday, 30 October 2013

SAGT 7 of 10: Afternoon keynote...

After sorting out the room that I'd been using so the teacher whose room it was wouldn't be cursing me on the Monday, I went down to the lecture theatre for the afternoon keynote.
This was given by Professor Rob Duck, who works at the University of Dundee.

Rob has written an excellent book on the impact of coastal changes in locations around the UK.
It explores a number of locations around Scotland and the rest of the British Isles, and he touched on a few places close to home such as Happisburgh and Bacton.

Rob's keynote was a humorous and informative look at how the problems that face our coasts are not new, and started out with a great Daily Mail comments page on a story about coastal erosion...

The book looks really good too. I flicked through a copy while in Dundee... Worth seeking out...

A great way to bookend the seminars that had also taken place in addition to mine.

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