SAGT 8 of 10: Dundee

After the conference proceedings closed, it was over for the AGM of SAGT, notable for its free glass of wine. Val Vannet handed over the Presidency to Liz Crisp (see previous blog posts for my visit to Aberdeen to work with Liz)
Then I helped 'take down' the various materials and we headed for Dundee in the rain. We went through the Carse of Gowrie, which has plenty of soft fruit being grown to supply preserve manufacturing and also supermarkets with raspberries and other fruit.

I visited Dundee for three years while the conference was held there and know the city quite well.

That evening it was over the Tay Bridge to a restaurant called 'The View' in Wormit, which had a rather good view back across the Tay. We also passed several large oil rigs which were being commissioned, one of which had apparently recently arrived from Singapore !
Since the last time I'd visited there had been a few changes: a huge multi-storey block had been demolished, near to RSS Discovery (where a previous conference reception had been held)
This is a city that is changing and will continue to change for many years to come.

Back to have a whisky in front of the fire and doze off, knowing that we had an extra hour to lie-in as the clocks went back....