Food issues...

A few nights ago, a 21CC debate on Food was held at the Royal Geographical Society.

A few people that I know were there, and you can still follow the twitter conversations by searching for the #21CC hashtag...

Food continues to be an issue of real importance for all of us..

Graeme Eyre was at the evening, and posted some notes HERE. Thanks Graeme :)

The speakers were:
  • Jay Rayner (Chair) – Food critic, presenter and author. @jayrayner1 Jay Rayner’s book is entitled ‘Greedy Man in a Hungry World’
  • Tim Wheeler – Professor of Crop Science, University of Reading University Website
  • Peter Smithers – Entomologist based at the University of Plymouth University Website
  • Edd Colbert – Campaigns Coordinator, the Pig Idea @eddcolbert

The Guardian recently asked people for pictures of where their food came from and then posted a selection of the images that they received.

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is trying to get fruit trees into school grounds as part of his latest project.

I followed THE PIG IDEA who have an idea of what to do with food waste.