SAGT 10 of 10: Ian Hardie's Eyjafjallajokull story.... get your copy...

A final postscript to the SAGT Conference was a book that I picked up while there, and partly read on the train down south...

It was written by Ian Hardie, who until recently was working for Rayburn Tours as their tour guide for Iceland and other locations.
Ian has a house in Iceland close to the volcano, and was on the scene when it erupted in 2010.
He writes about the impact on the community, and provides in-depth detail of the immediate impacts of an eruption on a community in an MEDC. In that sense it would make a really useful basis for a deeper investigation. It's an easy read.

The book is A5 format and has 78 pages.

If you would like a copy of the book, we have arranged for that to be possible for you.

Please send a cheque made payable to Ian Hardie for £6 (which includes postage and packing) to:

John Vannet
10 Ellieslea Road
West Ferry

Proceeds from the book will go to support the Icelandic Search and Rescue Organisation (ICE-SAR)