There's an app for that...

Year 8s have been exploring the impact of changes in the Arctic on the indigenous peoples. It's worth remembering that there are no indigenous people in the Antarctic, only visitors from many nations.
There are various groups of peoples who live in the Arctic.
A general term is Inuit, but there are many groups stretching into the Russian Arctic which are not related to that group.

The Arctic Centre suggests that around 4 million people are now living in the area, and these are spread around the ocean in an uneven distribution.

The U Arctic Atlas website has some useful maps. These are worth further investigation, as are the links with the maps.

There are limited options for the use of mobile phones in these areas. Not much change of picking up WiFi. We identified, using the Discovering the Arctic website that there is mobile phone coverage within a short distance of Qaanaaq.
What Arctic apps could we design that would help local peoples cope with some of the challenges of living in such an environment. This requires a little bit of creative thought and imagination.

What are some of the challenges ?
- climate change and altering landscapes
- navigation
- hunting and fishing
- communications...
- loneliness
- languages
- the extremes of the weather....

Year 8s were very creative and had some great ideas. I shall be sharing some of them as we develop the ideas further and bring them to a conclusion. Here's a sheet that I am going to use to do some reflection and peer assessment of the finished apps, which will also make a good display when they're finished.

Google 'Blank iPad' for some appropriate images that could be used as a format for the finished work.

Credit to Tony Cassidy for the original idea....