TLA Berkhamsted 2014

I've just booked my ticket for the 2nd Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference at Berkhamsted School. This is an event that I 'followed' on Twitter last year, but which had less immediate  'relevance' to me at the time as a freelancer. This time round, back in the classroom as a teacher, the idea of broadening my skills in assessment and feedback in particular are important as it's an area I feel I should work on.

Head here for the Agenda to see what's on offer on the day (a Saturday). There is a mix of interesting keynotes, along with breakout sessions and workshops.

The theme is ‘Multipliers: how can we tap into the genius within schools?’

Essentially, it is the idea that when you work with a ‘multiplier’ or are one, the capacities of those around you are significantly enhanced.  It is based on the work of Liz Wiseman who wrote the original ‘Multipliers’ book and the education focussed version ‘The Multiplier Effect’ with Elise Foster. 
We are very pleased that Elise has agreed to open the conference and will be leading a workshop on educational leadership.  Closing the day will be Dr Andy Williams, Head of Holmfirth High School. 
There are quite a few familiar names here for me: David Rogers, Jo Debens, Miles Berry, Dawn Hallybone, Drew Buddie and Dale Banham for example.

I've booked for three different types of workshops to broaden my experiences...
I'm also looking forward to being a delegate for once, rather than the presenter. 

The tickets will go quite quickly, so if you want to be there, you'll need to book quite quickly.
And if you're going along, say hi.