Thursday, 19 December 2013

GA Conference 2014

You have until the 6th of January to get the EARLY BIRD rates for the GA Conference at the University of Surrey in April 2014.

I'll be involved in a number of workshops, including an I-USE workshop on a European project on Statistical Literacy, and also an SPC workshop where I'll talk about some literacy work that I did at my school this year.

I won't be around for the Public Lecture this year, but it's being given by Professor Iain Stewart, so you might want to try to catch that one...

Also, Ewan Laurie and I will hopefully get ourselves together and organise the planned GeoBeer meet for the evening of the 15th of April.

And this year there's a new feature which will also feature me... the IDEA ZONE. This has a spot of Mission:Explore, and also links with the awesome Lego work of the FOLLOW THE THINGS team (who have also created some great Trump card sets to link with the previous post...)
I'll see you in the Idea Zone at various times over the two days that I'm attending....

Image: Bryan Ledgard - Richard Bustin, Fred Martin, Rick Cope, yours truly and Rob Morris putting the world to rights... 

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