Storm Surge - a trip around the coast... Pt. 1

I spent yesterday on the first part of a journey around the coast of Norfolk from Wells next the Sea, visiting some of the communities that were affected by the recent storm surge. The surge affected communities much further up the coast in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, then down into the Thames estuary.
I will be writing up some of the discussions that I had with people and the stories that I collected in further posts over the next week or so.

The full detail, and more images, will appear in a range of resources, including a new GCSE textbook.
Here's a selection of the images I took yesterday...

I was also particularly interested in this image, which shows the area of London that would have flooded in the surge if the Thames Flood Barrier had not been built.

Image copyright: Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has shared a range of valuable information, and I will be adding to that in further posts...