5000 up...

After the million views achievement of last week, this is the 5000th post on this blog. What it lacks in quality it certainly makes up for in quantity :)

Bearing in mind that each post varies from a brief 'Thought for the Day' to a fully formed piece with plenty of links, images and supporting resources, I've certainly sunk many thousands of hours into this blog and I hope you find it useful.

There's a search box top left which will enable you to search through on any particular key words. Each of the posts is labelled.
Here are the top 10 labels over the last 6 years or so - there are plenty more where that came from....

1. Geographical Association
2. CPD
3. Mapping
4. GIS
5. Mission:Explore
6. Resources
7. The Geography Collective
8. Fieldwork
9. Twitter
10. iPhone Apps