Sunday, 19 January 2014

Doug Belshaw book

One of the things I'm going to do later in the year is work on a few projects related to technology across the subjects, and also the notion of cloud based schools... This is part of a couple of European projects which I have been asked to participate in.
As part of this work, I'm going to be heading to Lisbon and Athens in the next few months to work with teachers and academics from a number of European countries.
I need to update my knowledge of various wider areas of pedagogy, related to new technologies and applications.

To help with that I've downloaded Doug Belshaw's e-book on Digital Literacies, and will also be doing some other reading...

Will share the presentations from my seminars here of course, along with the stories surrounding the journeys to the venues....

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Doug Belshaw said...

Hope you find the e-book useful! Would love your feedback/comments. :-)