First bit of professional reading for the New Year is this article in the journal of Research in Geographical Education Online (RIGEO)
It's an article by Michael Solem, David Lambert and Sirpa Tani

I went to a workshop to help launch the project at the EuroGeo conference in Bruges last May, and it was a fascinating experience to discuss issues relating to GeoCapabilities with colleagues from around Europe. There was a good mix of academics and teachers.
The essential idea of the project is to explore the particular things that the study of geography develops in learners in terms of their capabilities. 

What does the study of Geography enable you to do that you couldn't before.
What are the purposes and values of geography education in this sense...

I'll be following the project this year, and feedback on how it develops in terms of what is possible in the classroom context...

You can download the article here (PDF download)


Duncan Hawley said…
You can find out more about the GeoCapabilities project and its progress on the web at
with first newsletter available for download
Also on twitter @geocapabilities