Misplaced Geography

In previous years, the Geography Collective has been involved in Guerrilla Geography Day.

For 2014, we're taking on the whole year...

The Guerrilla Geography Project is an international collaboration between people (un)like you to explore and take action on vitally (un)important problems, ideas and issues. Open to all, we invite you to join in and take action. 

Explore absence, create presence and transform the lost to found and found to lost by taking part in our 2014 Guerrilla Geography Project: The Misplaced.

We have all had misadventures, mislaid belongings, been misbelieved and missed somewhere, something or someone. Sometimes the geographies of what we miss, mistrust or misunderstand are stronger than those that are present.

This year’s Guerrilla Geography Project is all about exploring, playing with and creating misplaced things, situations and thoughts.

Take part by following these simple steps.


Plan your guerrilla geography action. We are sure that you will have your own ideas, but here are some to get you started:

Explore: Find, photograph and share pictures of misplaced things.

Play: Intentionally lose something. Who will find it?

Create: Make a piece of artwork that intentionally takes something ‘out of place’.

Think: Remember something that you had forgotten. 

Act: Protest against a misplaced idea.

Connect: Transform something from being lost to becoming something found.

Disappear: Lose yourself by taking a step too far. 


Do it.


Share what you have done with the Guerrilla Geography Project community by either:

A) Tweet us a link to your story at @GuerrillaGeo using #GuerrillaGeography.

B) Email us your story to guerrillageographyproject@gmail.com

C) Share a picture on Flickr, making sure you include the tag: Misplaced.

D) Request to become a Guerrilla Geography Project collaborator and blog it