One million views...

Some time last night, the counter of views of this Living Geography blog went past the ONE MILLION mark.

One million readers of posts on this blog is a remarkable number, and another reminder of the reason why I started blogging in 2002.
I started this particular blog when I heard that I was going to be joining the Geographical Association in 2008. At the time, the idea of Living Geography was being developed by the GA and a book of the same name was published by Chris Kington, featuring a range of contributors.
Unfortunately, my job at the GA was prematurely curtailed, and I then used it to document two years of freelance effort and travels working for a wide range of organisations.
It's now my daily geographical diary, and I have a separate blog to share my current teaching ideas and resources.
As always, take a look at my itinerary of events down the right hand side of the page, and if you'd like me to work with you on something, get in touch via my About Me page.

Thanks for reading ! We're already on the way to our second million...


Noel Jenkins said…
Massive thanks for all the work you've done on this blog. I've taken so much from it.

Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks Noel... I'm sure I've got as much back from your offerings too :) Lots of interest in the picture of you bouldering today - students reckoned you looked like you knew what you were doing so the risk was low that you would fall off... :) also that you looked fit