Student curation...

One of the possible future trends in Geography (and other subjects) is a shift towards student curation of content to support learning, as well as a move towards the 'flipped classroom' and 'cloud-based learning' (which is still basically classwork or homework) with content and software delivered by apps and through digital devices.

As social media networks and feeds develop, there is a flow of relevant information, and this dizzying pace is often not captured, or perhaps is too distracting for many people.
What did we do without it? Are we better off for its existence?

Some tools such as IFTTT exist to help 'streamline' these networks so that something which is added to one network is automatically added to another one (or more)

Will we move towards a point where topicality has to change its timescale until what is taught is only those longer term issues, or things which don't change. Or will it go the opposite, and we'll be doing the Geography of the Now...
Living Geography requires some updating, and I was reminded of that earlier this week in a blog post by Angus Willson, and a tweet from Russel Tarr.

For example, I've been teaching about RISK this week using Michael Schumacher and people driving through flood water as examples to discuss, alongside other images. A colleague is heading for Reunion later in the year, and students will be asked to 

Which social media can be used to support student curation of material ?
I've been using iPads a little this year but not as much as I expected to because of various issues with connecting (I'm still wary of them working as I hope they should, even though they haven't been too bad...)

Some of these I am already familiar with and use

FLIPBOARD magazines
BLOGGING of course... 
SPOTIFY play lists

Are there any good examples out there of curated homeworks from students.