Global Learning Programme - CPD course coming later in the year...

One of the courses that I'm going to be running later in the year is related to the Global Learning Programme.
The Geographical Association is one of the lead partners in this programme, which has the aims listed below (taken from the GA website)

The Global Learning Programme supports teaching and learning about global issues in key stages 2 and 3. With support from the GLP, the UK government aims to embed Global Learning as regular practice at whole school, curriculum and classroom level. The programme – with geography as a leading subject - will help pupils gain additional knowledge about the developing world, globalisation, and the causes of poverty and what can be done to reduce it. They will also develop the skills to interpret that knowledge, such as the ability to investigate, think and make judgements. Find out more about the GLP themes and outcomes.
The GLP is also designed to support school improvement. For example, Ofsted guidanceprovides strong support for the view that global learning is integral to high quality provision and standards in geography. In addition, in a number of schools geography has led whole-school improvement through the Geography Quality Marks.
I am currently developing a course which will involve the following aspects
- a place for technology, including social media, images and image manipulation, applications to connect classrooms and explore global data (including GIS such as ArcGIS Online) related to interdependence
- a focus on classroom practice and ideas that have actually been used (they will be used by me with my students...)
- ways of exploring the notion of interdependence and globalisation, and connecting that with social justice and inequality... (in its widest forms...)
- linking with the various resources I've created in the last two and a half years for a range of organisations, and stressing the need to build on contemporary case studies and respond to global events that happen while teaching...
I'd hate to spend time developing the course and for it not to run (if you built it, they don't necessarily come...) so would appreciate any suggestions on what would be the main things you might hope to see in a course like that which would:
a) tempt you to come along
b) persuade the person who lets you out of school that this would be worth attending....
All ideas welcome - drop me an e-mail, Tweet or add a comment here...
Any particular focus for a session, or theme that would be of interest to you.
Is there an area of the new KS3 curriculum that you're unsure of...
Thanks in advance... Hope to see some of you at an unknown venue later in the year :)