Portuguese Trip 1

After a period without heading abroad, I'm currently in Portugal on a visit to some schools in advance of a proposed EU project which will involve my school in the UK.
I flew out from Stansted airport: an early start, and a two hour flight to Lisbon.
From there, Jaime, my host for the trip, took me across the Tagus and through sun-soaked Portuguese countryside to the Alentejo region.
One of my first commitments was to give a talk at a school in Vidigueira.
Thanks to the teachers and other colleagues who came to listen to me talk about the curriculum and ideas for 'making' it, and bringing it to life in the classroom...
Here are the slides that I used for anyone who is interested.
Portugal CPD Lecture - February 2014
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Image: Jaime Araujo


Are you likely to have any time in Lisbon. If you are - any geography should really check out the area by the river - lots of statues commemorating the efforts of Portuguese explorers and a giant world stone floor map: http://obliqueexposure.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/monuments-and-maps/
Also portuguese custard tarts (Pastel de nata) originated from Lisbon - there are two places that claim to be the first ever bakers - definitely worth a try...
Alan Parkinson said…
I have been to that area before, and we were due to go there, but instead headed across the river so I saw it below from the bridge. Also had the Pasteis with extra spice and some very good coffee.
Off to Evora today - the sun is shining :)