Portuguese Trip 2

After the lecture, and some very interesting conversations and questions, we moved into the social aspect of the evening. We headed back toward Cuba, and to the Herdade do Rocim.

We had a tour of the premises, the sun had just set behind the hill but we could see the 70 hectares of vineyards which surrounded the Adega.
We had a tour of the premises, which offers a range of options for visitors. Fortunately, an American party had just been through on a wine tasting session, and there was half a bottle of one of the vineyards finest wines sitting there that needed to be drunk.

We then went into the town of Cuba to have a meal, and met up with Luis, who I worked on the digitalearth project with, and had last seen in Helsinki.
If the project we were discussing gets funding, it will be good to have the chance to work with Luis again.