Portuguese Trip 5 - Evora

On the final day, the sun shone from first thing - although it was a chilly start to the day. We went to say goodbye to the directors of the schools which we will hopefully connect with, and then had to make the return trip west to Lisbon and the airport.

The plan was to visit Evora.
This has UNESCO World Heritage designation.
I was involved in creating resources for the Google World Wonders site some years ago, although what I created has still not been fully shared on the site, which is a little disappointing as it was creative stuff, which I was pleased with when I finished it.

Out in the sun with Natalia (from Sofia) and Jaime to drive half an hour through a landscape which was full of cork oaks and park up on the outskirts of Evora.
Visited the Capela dos Ossos, lined with skulls and bones from the graveyard, various churches, although one of them had a funeral about to start, so we left; and also visited the temple of Diana and had a beer in the main square. We ate in a local restaurant, and then headed back to the car.

We then had a drive on the main highway at speed through a hillier landscape than I'd been used to in recent days, as we headed towards Lisbon.

Image: Alan Parkinson