Tool for managing information screens in schools...

Does your school have a plasma screen somewhere in school, perhaps in the main hall, or the dining hall, or the school reception which is displaying information on school activities, and news on sporting fixtures, the canteen menu etc.

One issue with these screens in my experience is the problem with keeping them updated, and they rely on somebody being trained to use the particular software that is used to add information onto them. They tend to end up with out of date messages on them, or are left blank.
I was talking to a colleague at school last week and he has created a really neat solution to the problem of keeping these boards updated.

The Message Wall is a simple digital scrolling noticeboard, which can be set up quickly.

There's no so software to install - the screen contents can be edited in any browser. You can schedule notices to appear and expire at a given time and date. The screen can then be updated from any computer anywhere. 
The system can be tried free for 10 days and then prices start at less than £2.00 per month.

Thought it was worth sharing in case anyone reading this had a responsibility for, or interest in developing that sort of thing in their school, or perhaps their Geography department...