Where you Are

While in Foyles bookshop in St. Pancras earlier in the week, I was very tempted by an intriguing grey box, labelled 'Where you Are'...
It contained a range of maps, which were produced by 16 different people, and had obviously been created with a lot of care and attention.
The one thing that put me off buying it was the price of £35, which was perhaps justified given the 'bespoke' nature of the product and the time taken on it, but was hard to spend that sort of money on an impulse purchase.

Getting home, I did a little more exploring, and discovered the box has been created by a London based company called Visual Editions.
It contains a range of illustrated maps, and looks really good. I'll add it to my Wish List I think.

Check out the WHERE YOU ARE website too for more details and images....