Pole of Cold back home...

The Pole of Cold team arrived home a few days ago, following their epic trip to Siberia and Oymyakon the 'Pole of Cold'. 
They experienced countries across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, then on into Russia, for several weeks, all in the comfort of their specially equipped Land Rover.
Along the way, they created over 100 podcasts, sent almost 1000 tweets, and drove over 35 000 km (almost equivalent to driving around the world...)
Here's a picture of the team, which was posted on their Facebook page when they arrived back in the UK.

I was privileged to be asked to write some education materials for the trip, which are now hosted on the RGS-IBG website.

If you'd like to hear Felicity Aston, one of the team, talk about the expedition, you need to head down to the RGS on Monday the 19th of May, for one of the regular Monday night lectures.

You'll need to be an RGS-IBG member (or have one as a friend).  I shall try to go along if at all possible.