A few weeks ago, I took delivery of a Sphero 2.0
This is described as a robot - smart toy - game system.

I've been thinking about the possible uses in Geography, and will be working on these ideas during the next term, when I may have a little more time for such thoughts..

There aren't too many resources out there so far, as it's a relatively new thing, but there are some good reviews of its potential, and it is being used to teach coding in the Little Miss Geek classes described here.

Our school's Geography Ambassadors will be exploring its use. One of them has a Sphero of their own, so we can take a look at that.

Here's an introductory video to show you what Sphero is.... I have an updated version to the one that is featured in the video.

And here's a Google Document which contains my thinking so far...
This will be updated as I (and my students) spend more time with Sphero... wait for changes to be 'rolled out'....

Sphero 2.0 from Sphero on Vimeo.