Athens 2: School on Cloud - 1st European Summit

The day of the summit dawned bright and sunny and promised temperatures into the 70s, the first time I'd seen that sort of temperature for over six months.
The view from my hotel room was spectacular in the morning sunshine, and down for breakfast.
Over to the venue in a minibus through the suburbs of Athens and past the Olympic Stadium.

The event was held at the Dais Centre in Athens, which was part of the Doukas School. Conference registration was open when I arrived - we were expecting almost 200 delegates, and I picked up my goodie bag and got some coffee and pastries.
I settled in to my seat for the opening remarks and opening sessions, which were an interesting introduction to the idea of how the cloud is going to change education.

I had a full room for my session, with over 30 people listening to me talk about my use of technology, including the cloud, and some questions to think about with regard to the idea of an iTeacher: an accreditation or designation for teachers who make use of technology. I've shared the slides previously.

After lunch, and chats to delegates, it was into the centre of Athens for an explore... which will be described in the next post.

Image: Alan Parkinson - Doukas School