Athens 3 - Mission:Explore....

After I'd done my 90 minute session at the conference (see earlier post), I asked for directions from a delegate who lived locally, and headed off through the suburbs of Athens to the nearest Metro station to make my way into the centre of the city.

Here's a Slideshare of the report on Cloud education that was shared at the event.

I took the chance to explore the city of Athens while I was there, as I may not return any time soon.
I had a wander through the suburbs, and travelled on the Metro, which I later remembered was built for the Olympics, which explains why it is spacious and well built, and serves a large part of the city. Having dropped off my conference documentation and laptop and changed into suitable more suitable for the 70 degree temperatures, it was into the centre to the Acropolis.

That evening, I met up with other conference delegates for a chat and some beers.