Greater London National Park Student Challenge

Earlier this week, the Greater London National Park website was launched, with the idea that London should be the first urban National Park. There's been a lot of support for the idea, and interesting debate.

If you're a student you can take part in the Student Challenge

What if London was a National Park?
Our Student Challenge is to respond to this question in a creative way. We will be posting the best responses in a public gallery on this website.
To take part simply follow these three steps.
1. Think
Think deeply about the reasons for and against London becoming a National Park. Do some research and explore this website, especially ourvision page.
  • Do you think an entire city can be a National Park?
  • How would London change if it became a National Park?
  • What would be the benefits for people who live outside of London?
  • Who, what and where would be affected by these changes?
  • What could London be like 5, 10 or 50 years from now?
You can think about these questions from different points of view and scales. The opinion of a city banker who lives in a penthouse apartment will probably be different from a suburban garden hedgehog.
2. Create
Make something visual to respond to the question. It could focus on a particular animal, plant, place or issue. You could:
  • draw a picture,
  • create a map,
  • write a poem,
  • make a short film,
  • build a model,
  • annotate set of photographs,
  • or something else entirely.
3. Share
Once you are done take a good quality photograph or scan what you have done. Email it to us at We will look at all of the submissions and publish the best ones to a public gallery on this website. We will treat all submissions as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives unless you tell us otherwise